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It takes an ephemeral, furious, wild line to capture them. Nothing else. The mestengos or mostrencos were Spanish conquerors' horses that bolted and merged with nature. They were abandoning their saddles for the desert, their horseshoes for the sun and their stirrups for freedom. Some were adopted by Indians and others gradually joined an ecosystem that could not survive without them today. Many Californians adore and protect the descendants of mustang horses as evidence of the region's rich history. Here they leap and gallop cloaked in the warmth of the desert colours, fully enjoying their return to freedom.


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Mustang motif wallpaper.

Premium matte white non-woven wallpaper, weight 180 gr/m2.

Digitally printed

Hanging: 'paste the wall'

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Roll dimensions: W180cm x H300cm

Single roll comprising 3 x 3m strips, each 60cm wide. Total 9m.

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Make sure that the base is dry, clean, smooth and free from loose wallpaper particles and flaking paint. Painted surfaces must be abraded/rubbed down with sand paper and washed with sugar soap, for example. Highly absorbent bases should be sized or undercoated. The base must be uniformly neutral or white in colour.


Apply the adhesive to the wall in an even layer with a roller. Pasting between one and a maximum of three rolls at a time is recommended. The adhesive must not be allowed to dry before the length is hung. Remember that this wallcovering requires a smaller quantity of adhesive than paper wallpaper. Make sure that the adhesive is not forced out from between the joins and onto the front surface. This can cause changes in the surface. Tip - use a brush on cornices and skirtings to keep any surplus adhesive to a minimum.


This wallpaper should be hung in a  clockwise direction. The first length should be hung on the left hand side of the wall. Hang the first length so that it is plumb. Press the wallpaper firmly in position using a soft, clean paperhanger’s brush. Check carefully and ensure no air bubbles are present. Pull the second length from the roll and turn it in the opposite direction (inverted length). At the top of each length is a clear mark showing the length number. So that the length is being applied correctly.

Important! Any adhesive on the front surface of the wallpaper can be removed with a soft wet sponge. Note- do not rub! High heat or low humidity can cause joints to open.

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